Giới thiệu

Vietnam Online Tourism Day 2019 - this is a large-scale online travel event that is held every two years, gather online marketing companies together with organizations, businesses, and individuals to use the service.
The event as opportunities for enterprises and individend discuss the trends, technologies and solutions to expand markets, enhance the efficiency of online travel business.


  • Enhance the interest of agencies, organizations and businesses about the importance of online travel. 
  • Makes the cooperation opportunities, connected among the supplies travel service units such as aviation, accommodation, travelers, restaurants, tourism areas, technology enterprises, payment, marketing...
  • Supports the travel enterprises adjust business strategy and advanced technology applications.


1. The tourism business enterprises, travelers, hotels, restaurants... to update the online travel trends, holding the solutions, informations technology and advanced communication supporting to deployment online business travel. And having opportunities to direct ascess with the enterprises supplying services, solutions online tourism. 

2. The online tourism enterprises: to direct access with other enterprise in the fields, introductions the solutions, products, services, new technologies, promoting cooperation, business cooperation with partners and can make suggestions and recommendations to state management agencies.

3. The agencies, organizes, associations: Check, supplement and amend policies, laws, strategies and plans... to meet the strong development of online tourism. Adjust models, management methods and activities related to tourism services.


1. Enterprises, organizations and individuals are operating tourism sector.

2. Enterprises supply technology solutions, online marketing, online business companies, organizations, media, payment, financial, transportation, etc.